seo analysis tool times out on my site

My site seems fine but when I try to use seoworkers analysis tool, it times out with no report. What could cause that? I tried other sites and it works fine.

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    Greetings william_bronson,

    Thank you for the great question.

    Timeouts are usually, 99.9% of the time caused by the script exceeding the maximum amount of time allocated for php script execution as defined in the php.ini file item max_execution_time

    You can check on this settings – setting – by downloading the below script, extracting it, uploading it to your domains web site root and calling it up in your browser using something like

    Find the setting in the list under “core” topic and you will know how much time is allocated for the script to run.

    We set ours to 240 as shown here:

    The reason why this may work on some sites and not others is because they are smaller or the script has less work to do and accomplishes its mission within the allocated time.

    Cheers, Joe

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