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Hey Guys,

I need to get my websites reviewed. This website has been so valuable and I can not believe I have created these websites without a developer.

but I after a few comments about speed and java and seo and and and.

I need someone with experience to review my sites. I am happy to pay someone to help me with industry knowledge that I obviously don't have.

like getting links or SEO in general or speed of the website or etc. I feel a little bit lost on the home stretch.

Although if someone can give me free advice I would be happy haha but I can understand what I am asking is probably a little too much.

Oh and no one responds in the JOB section, I was going to go to freelance but would prefer ummm some commonwealth linguistic skills shall we say.

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    While I am unable to provide you with an in depth review of your sites, I can provide you with a few tips.

    At it's simplest most basic root, SEO is all about links and content.

    Google, and other search engines, love to see large websites with lots of quality content - which is one of the reasons why Wikipedia does so well. It has millions of pages about all sorts of content. Not only do search engines like to see lots of content, but they also like when it is updated regularly. This is why blogs are such a valuable addition to a website (provided that they're updated regularly). Blogs provide regular new content about a certain topic.

    The other thing search engines obsess over are links. Lots and lots of links. Not only is that how they find content, but that's also partly how they rank websites. If your website has lots of links from lots of websites, search engines take notice and rank you accordingly. But not only do they like links, but they also like links from quality websites. A link from NBC or CNN would be much more valuable than from a small blog. What's more, if the website linking to your site covers similar topics then that means more from a similar quality website that focuses on a different topic.

    Now, while external links are more important than internal links, don't underestimate the value of internal links. Links with keyphrases that you're focusing on help out your rankings no matter whether they're internal or external.

    So. Quick summary. Make sure your website has tons of content talking about the topic you want your site to rank better in. Make sure your site has plenty of links, both within your site, and from other sites to your site.

    That's SEO at it's core. Anything further than that are tips and tricks as everything boils down to lots of quality content and lots of quality links in one way or another.

    If you want to dig further into SEO, you should take a look at my personal blog's SEO Tag. It contains a bunch of tips and tricks on how to improve your site's SEO. I even have articles with tips on how to obtain links and generate content.

    Hope that helps. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask. We're happy to help!

  • Solo-Man
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The fella above says it much more in depth, but there isn't a shortcut to this sort of thing, and you REALLY shouldn't pay people to do this sort of thing.

    The key is to build a site that people would want to tell their audiences about, because it's a great site that does something that they're audience would benefit from. Once your site is up to snuff, go out and talk to bloggers who talk about sites like yours and shoot them a message, telling them about your site and seeing if they'd like to talk to you to get some info on it to make into a post or something. Also good to get active in the comments of related sites and message boards. Don't be one of those annoying spammers that only comments to have an excuse to drop a link though.

    Past that, a mix of evergreen/static content (like wikipedia) and write at least one well written and SEOd blog post a week (more is better) that is about something important to your audience. It takes time to get search engine traffic... don't try and take short cuts.

  • bonmaklad
    • The Crimson Coder

    ok sounds good boys. I will up my links from within my site and reguarly post in blogs.

    I only want New Zealand external links so I will probably have to stick to boring links

    oh and i'll set up a wiki using the plugin


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