SEO Best Practice for Images & Videos

We recently redid our marketing agency's old website, which was built using html/css/php. The old site had a lot of images of our campaigns and videos of our tv spots.

We kept all images in a folder called: /images and videos in a folder called: videos/

Within the images and video folders we had 7 to 10 'keyword rich' image and video folders, for example" /images/marketing-agency or videos/tv-advertising-agency/

Within each of those folders we had 7 to 10 'keyword rich' folders like /business-marketing/, /destination-marketing/, etc or for videos we had healthcare-tv-advertising/, automotive-tv-advertising/, etc.

Within each of those we had the relevant images or videos, for example: volvo/ or sanibel-island/

The entire structure would look like: /images/marketing-agency/destination-marketing/sanibel-island/ or for videos; /tv-advertising-agency/automotive-tv-advertising/volvo/

This approach gave us great rankings

We created our new website in Wordpress using Avada. Instead of using the 'Media Library' we created folders similar to the way we did with the old website. We did this because the Wordpress Theme gave our images and videos names that started with things like /upload/2016/

Am I doing the right thing from an SEO perspective by keeping my images and videos outside of the media library?