SEO Considerations for Website Redesign

I am about to redesign a small hotel website with no seo done to it and it is 100% html.I am going to use a wp theme and booking engine for the new site that hopefully syncs with and other similar sites automaticlly to avoide overbooking. Any suggestions on booking engines?

How to I find the site url structure so i can design the new site with the same hierarchy/silo's in order to keep the link authority (after I redirect).
I put the site in screaming frog, but it just confused even more in regards to the site structure. Is there an easier way or a tool to help visualize all the different pages and how they link together?

Lastly, are there any other major seo concerns in redesigning the site i should know about?
Sry for all the questions.

  • thinkDelaney

    There are a couple of ways to generate some useful information. One way is to use an online tool to generate a sitemap for you. It crawls the site and maps all the links:

    Another important thing we do when we look at redeveloping someone's site is to run a Google search using "site: the url" This will show you everything Google has on your clients URL.

    Just some thoughts

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, bluehatseo!

    Ben has some great pointers about creating a sitemap and confirming what Google has indexed on the site you're importing from HTML to WordPress.

    As for booking engines, there a handful of single-hotel booking plugins, but none that I'm seeing connect to other booking services, I suspect that would require some custom development to connect to APIs from other travel booking sites, so they could interact with your booking system.

    As for SEO, WordPress is actually in pretty good shape out of the box, as long as you utilize good taxonomy (parent/child categories, for example) practices and make the most of your permalink settings. You can also integrate plugins to help manage SEO, but good planning and the native tools are really all you need here. You're an SEO pro, I'm sure once you dig in to WordPress you'll have some "aha!" moments when you notice how well it works out of the box.

    Importing to WordPress from HTML is a big job, regardless of how well coded your source site is. I recommend copious amounts of coffee/tea/your drink of choice; a clear roadmap of what you want to go where and how you want it organized once you get there; and some patience with both WordPress's quirks and your own learning curve. :slight_smile:

    Thanks for your questions, let us know if we can be more help here.

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