SEO crawl not working

SEO Crawl error message said it was unable to find meaningful results and stalls out. Plus, I Smushed all images but the site is still slow. Improved but still slow.

  • Stig
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    Hi Brian

    Try to migrate your site to another host / staging server using a temp name for you site. Best of all is if you try out your site on virtual privat server. A website costing $10 a month is 100 times better than one costing $5 a month. Most hosting companies offer free migrate and 30 day money back. That way you can try out different alternatives. The problems you are experiencing most likely will disapear if you move away from shared hosting.

    Hope this helps.

  • Predrag Dubajic
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    Hi Brian,

    Please check my response about SEO Scan on your other thread here:

    Plus, I Smushed all images but the site is still slow. Improved but still slow.

    Your page speed reports are quite good actually, there are only three images reported in there.

    First one is the original size image not being optimized and that’s because you don’t have “Smush my original full-size images” option enabled in WP Smush settings so your original size images are not being optimized.

    Second report is about your theme image here /themes/luxe/images/bullet.png.

    These images are not handled by Smush as they are part of the theme files and each theme update would overwrite optimized image and you would get this error again.

    To sort this out it’s best to get in touch with your theme developers and ask them to use optimized image in theme files.

    And the last report is Compress & Resizing report for this image /uploads/2018/01/girl-23809_640.png.

    This is different than just Compress report so there are two things that need to be sorted out here.

    First one is that this a original image so when you enable original image optimization, as mentioned above, that will sort out part of the problem.

    Other issue is that this image is loaded in its full size but the actual holder of the image is just 150×257 pixels and speed tests don’t like when you call larger image than actually needed.

    You should edit your homepage and instead of using the full size image use the size that fits the above mentioned holder and that should sort out this report.

    Now, all of these are having really small effect on your site loading speed, the most time that seems to be taken is the “Time to first byte” or the time that it’s needed for your server to respond to requests.

    So this is something that you should discuss with your hosting provider for further improvement.

    Best regards,


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