SEO, Duplicate Content and Subdomains...

Should I be concerned about multisite members copying content from other sites hurting my search engine rankings? I'm just getting my website set up and thinking using subdomains, rather than subdirectories, would set members sites as separate websites as far as search engines are concerned. That way they won't compromise the rankings of the whole website, but just their site. Does that seem reasonable, or am I over thinking this? It's just something I've always wondered about.

  • Mason

    Hiya WebTrooper,

    While not an SEO expert by a long stretch, my understanding is that duplicate content will have a negative impact on your site - as well as your sub-sites. Using sub-domains or sub-directories won't change the impact of duplicate content. Google sees that and will down-rank both sites.

    Even if a site that has no connection with you copies your page content - that can have a negative impact on your ratings, so its important to keep things unique (or unique enough :smiley:) as much as possible.

    Anyone else have a tip here?


  • Tedster

    Thanks Mason, that's pretty much what I thought. I guess the best policy is to be diligent about requiring members to avoid such practices. As for other websites copying from mine, I guess there's not a lot I can do about that. However, that stands equally true for a hundred million other websites. Mostly I just wondered if using subdomains might help avoid getting my whole community penalized for what one, or a couple of, members might do. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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