SEO Plugin and Titles, Need Some Help

Hi guys,

I'm tryng to use the new SEO plugin but I'm having a bit of an issue.

I can specify exactly what I want the pages title to be and the meta tags, however Wordpress seems to always want to tag the site's title onto the end of the title.

I can get rid of this by deleting the site's title in the back end under general settings. Is this what you actually have to do and will it affect anything else?

EDIT: Deleting the site title works in the default theme but I'm using a Woo theme and it seems that it won't actually display what you put in the WPMU SEO plugin with regards to homepage at all.

It displays everything else but seems to defer to the title and description under general settings for the home page and not use what you specify under the WPMU SEO plugin.

Therefore if I delete the title and description I am actually lwft with no title info for the homepage.

Any ideas how I can sort it?

Cheers, Ross :slight_smile: