SEO with Multi-Domain & Domain Mapping Plugins

The new Multi-domains plugin has given me the idea of merging several small WP3.0.1 multisite installs with separate domains, into one large multisite (very few members right now, so easy to move the blogs). What, if any, are the SEO implications when using the Multi-Domains and the Domain Mapping Pluggins in a multisite environment? My users will definitely want to promote their sites.

Any issues with other WPMU-DEV plugins? Supporter? Multi-DB?

Thank you,
Chuck S.

  • Mason

    Hiya Chuck,

    As far as the WPMU DEV plugins go there shouldn't be any issues (although I haven't tested this exact setup and the multi-domains is very new). We're still testing some of this out ourselves so it'd be important to have good backups in place before attempting this.

    As to the SEO, I'm a bit out of my league here, but at some level, having sites on different servers (with different IP addresses) makes a difference to google. I'll let others more knowledgeable chime in with thoughts (links?) on this though. For now, that's the only bit I can see that may be of concern.