Separating Buddypress Networks – 2

Separating Buddypress Networks – 2

I posted a ticket Feb. 25th which has been forgotten and I have not been able to fix the issue yet.

I’ll review here:
I have a multisite (hosted on wpmudev) which you guys advised and helped me set up as a multisite one year ago. It was originally 2 separate websites. I am trying to separate them back to 2 separate websites as multisite was a bad option for this site.

In my original ticket, Adam Czajczyk was helping me. He has been busy and I believe with the world melting down and everybody’s personal issues my ticket has been lost. I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND – NO WORRIES!!! :slight_smile:. But I need attention to this now.

During this time I have been trying my hardest to accomplish this myself using the Beta version of Shipper. But sorry to say this has not been working for me. (Beta Shipper – separate multisite to single site).


• – is a BuddyPress social site for people dealing with infidelity themselves or spouse.
• – is for Therapists and other Professionals to create a profile advertisement for their practice.
• I use theme BuddyBoss – an open source platform of Buddy Press.

Users accidentally log into Professional side and Professionals accidentally login users side. I need to keep them completely separated. My site was on a Bluehost server and I was suggested I turn my site into a multisite and placed on WPMUDEV server which I did. I need to put it back as all of my users keep getting confused and I cannot find a solution to keep them separated. I want to go back to 2 websites, for users, with a folder ‘/help’ in my main site with an entirely separate WordPress setup for my professionals.
TRANSFER ISSUES: (bluehost site)
• Never completes (API Migration).
• Package Migration (Cannot create package).
• Users transferred but the profile fields were swapped with the profile fields from (This was a problem originally in creating the multisite – the profile fields were swapped in the transfer to multisite – I’m not sure what the programmer (Tho Bui) did originally or to fix it but when trying to extract site it pulls the profile fields from the other website and not the one I’m trying to extract from.)
• Messy transfer (Things are everywhere – Not that big of a deal I can fix). But since the profile fields are swapped I need it redone anyhow as I cannot find any solution to extract just profiles and profile fields and import to single site.

I think we should create 2 separate websites on WPMUDEV server first. Then transfer to Bluehost. This is ok because I have new sites I want to put on WPMUDEV server.

Thank you!