Separator required under location and date info...

For individual event listings, there needs to be a separator line (as at the top of the event info) to clearly show where the event information starts.

At present there is NO LINE and the event text is squashed up against the location text - It is NOT a good look.

So - to remedy this - I put a line (series of dashes) above the event text. It shows as a solid line (versus the dashed line at the top of event dates etc.

That was fine as a short term fix - BUT when the widget is in the right hand column, that same line EXTENDS RIGHT OFF THE PAGE TO THE RIGHT - BEYOND THE END OF THE WEBPAGE.

Could a simple line be added below the location/cost info.

And can someone look at why a line goes off the page? It is obviously treating the line as text - which is why a better solution is to have it automatically appear (ie from the coding) to separate the event "takes place"/location/cost for the event details you enter for each event.

You can see it at:

and screenshots at:
140214 Line Above Event Text Required

Thank you.