Seperate Member Directories by User Type using Buddypress User Account Type plugin

Hi All,

Here is what I am doing. I want a buddypress site that has two types of users: members and companies. The different users have custom profiles and all that jazz.

Solution: Buddypress User Type Account (I upgrade to Pro)

Next: I want two tabs in the menu – one showing the list of members called “Members” and one showing the list of companies called “Companies”.

Solutions: Buddypress has some shortcode. Wonderful!

[buatp user_type=”company”] and [buatp user_type=”members”]

Problem: Using the shortcode kills my styling. I want it to look the way Buddypress makes the index.php for members. However, it strips everything beautiful away and gives me white.

The specimens:

Ugly: (Companies) NOTE: I created a page and just inserted the shortcode, it sent me to that link.

What I want but narrowed to just “Companies”:

Give me a hint: Pretty please.