Seperate the Deactivate and Clear cache option in Subsite

I was checking for an option to clear cache from the subsite admins. I can see the "Allow subsites to disable page caching" provides the clear cache button in the subsite admin but it also enables the deactivate cache button... so this is a temporary fix, but I would like to request that this be a separate setting.

  • Dimitris
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    Hello there pmsteil,

    hope you're doing good today! :slight_smile:

    This was a misunderstanding and confusion on our behalf, I'm really sorry about that.
    You see, these are indeed separate settings.

    The "Allow subsites to disable page caching" located in the network admin area under HummingBird Pro -> Caching -> Page Caching is only for giving the ability to completely deactivate the caching for subsite's admins.

    The "Clear Cache" button though in /wp-admin/ area (for all subsites and main site) can be enabled in network admin area under HummingBird Pro -> Caching -> Settings.

    I also gave this a try and if only the second option is enabled, then a subsite admin can indeed manually clear cache but not deactivate it. :slight_smile:

    Hope that clarifies things better, let me know if I'm missing something else in this request though.

    Warm regards,

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