Seperate user login and registration for each sub-site.

Hello again.

I'm wondering if it is possible to create seperate user login and registration for each sub-site?

Since users will be signing up to create their 'own' website on the network, I'd prefer it so that each sub-site has it's own own users and are not connected to other sub-sites in this sense.

Currently if a user registers on one sub-site, then goes to another sub-site on the network, they don't think they are both connected (which technically they are totally different websites providing different content). However, they will get a message that the account already exists if they use their email or username.

I know this is generally how multisite network works, but preferably I'd like it so that users must register again for each sub-site on the network.

Does anyone have any ideas on making this possible?

Much appreciated.

Elliot Sowersby