Serial, 360 solo gateway renews at end of subscription WITHOUT payment rather than drop to visitor

As stated.

I’ve let things progress for a while and now I’m very frustrated.

In order to get a renew button 60 days ahead, and on the advice of the support team I have my membership set up as a Serial, 360 with solo gateway and 60 days prior renew.

NOW EVERYONE that comes to the end of their SERIAL subscription without renewing is listed as the following “____has moved from level Professional on subscription Professional to level Professional on subscription Professional” WITHOUT PAYMENT.

I tried to put a “visitors” level after the “professional” and it gives me an error message that says it can’t do that.

This has been a mess from day one when expiration dates were not able to be manually set. Support solves one problem to have another crop up. Limits of the program are POORLY explained.

I need this fixed ASAP with a clear solution. Waiting for Membership 4.0 to come out is not a solution.

Please Advise.