Serve scaled images though Automatic Resizing activated

I have activated Smush Pro > CDN > Automatic Resizing but gtmetrix is suggesting to Serve scaled images. I can see larger dimension images are loaded in the site and then scaled down.

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Gibson,

    I'm sorry about this issue with our plugin.

    I'm escalating this to our Second Line Support team to investigate it further as there are no errors in debug.log
    They will update here about their findings.

    Since this is a site on our hosting can you create a staging site so we could perform tests there?

    kind regards,

  • Konstantinos Xenos
    • Rubber Duck Debugger

    Gibson ,

    I've taken a look at the site and all the images are actually bigger than their containers. CDN will adjust and serve the "correct" image size depending on the image src itself and not by what it's containers size is. Maybe that's where the confusion is here?

    As an easy example: if you place an image of 1000x1000 pixels in a 250x250 container ( div ) then that image will be served as 1000x1000 if that's the only source it has in it's set.

    Also since there's the incident with Cloudflare please note that you'll have to whitelist the CDN at Cloudflare to properly use it else it might be resulting on 404 errors while trying to load the images.

    Tell me if you need further help!


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