Server Setup Tips WHM Cpanel to drop Memory Usage

Hey Guys

I have some tips i would like to share with you guys

1) eAccelerator - object-cache.php - DSO

WHM log in and go to EasyApache (Apache Update) and then pick
EAccelerator for PHP
Suhosin for PHP
Zend Optimizer/Guard Loader for PHP

Go trough the set up and then you need to mod some of the stuff :slight_smile:

Now Edit eAccelerator
pico /usr/lib/php.ini
Look for eaccelerator.shm_size=”256”
Look for eaccelerator.cache_dir = "/tmp/eaccelerator" change it to /backupdrive/eaccelerator

Now we need to make the dir
mkdir /backupdrive/eaccelerator
chmod 0777 /backupdrive/eaccelerator
rm -rf /tmp/eaccelerator

Now we need to make sure eaccelerator is working :slight_smile:
php -v (It now should show you eaccelerator )
Also have a look inside the /backupdrive/eaccelerator you should also see a hole bunch of files in there

Now WordPress
Add this TPC! Memory Usage for WordPress works like a charm :slight_smile: have a look at your Memory Usage

Now WordPress
eAccelerator for WordPress 0.6 download it and then upload object-cache.php to wp-content

Now log in to WordPress and have a look at your Memory Usage it should be almost half.

I hope my post helps some server admin out there that has load problems on there servers
Ps Load on server was always at 10 now with this fix it is down to 2 - 5