Server Setup Tips with Quick Cache

Hey Guys

Here are a nice way to keep your server running well with a Cache system for WordPress

First off you need a spear drive on your server to have this setup working.

The problem i had was that my /home dir was filling up so that is why i oped to go with a spear drive to handle all my Cache.

The setup is easy

1) SSH

mkdir /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache/ (Makes the folder)

chmod -R 777 /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache/ (Set Permissions)

chown -R nobody:nobody /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/

chown -R gymequip:gymequip /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache/

2) Now simlink

ln -s /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache /home/gymequip/public_html/wp-content/cache

If you have done it right and you have a look in /home/gymequip/public_html/wp-content/ you will see a link to your back up drive in there

3) Now add Quick Cache and click activate network wide then go to the setting page

If you see this err:

Permissions: Please check permissions on /wp-content/cache. Quick Cache needs write-access to this directory. Permissions need to be 755 or higher.


chmod -R 777 /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache/

Now just turn it on don’t set any thing you don’t need to play with the setting it works out the box

Now open your site is it loading better no you need to log out and then load it again what i do is just pull the website up in a new firefox to make sure it is faster what you can also do is look Crtl U and go to the bottom of the page you should have a Quick Cache file in green this means it is working

Now last thing just to make sure


cd /backupdrive/gymequipmentforsale/cache/

ls -al

Now in a day run it again but this time do it like show

cd /backupdrive/

du -sh — *

1.7M gymequipmentforsale

I hope this helps some server admin out there and i love rep point :slight_smile: