Server side, or automatic, .... stuff.

Hi there,

Essentially my question is for any gurus out there, and is "what can a website do automatically" - ie, server-side ?

The context - I am creating a site for an electrical company, including an ability for customers to log a job, including their contact details and also a map with their address.

That's the easy part.

I'm then trying to compile the jobs, for the next day. For instance, an email or even a simple text list of all the jobs, contact names, numbers, and map. Google maps (and a few great plugins) actually make this really easy to create a route for the electrician to take.

But can I set this up so that there is an automatic email or list creation, somehow, for the upcoming day? Can WP automate stuff in this way? Would this be a behind-the-scenes function? Any gurus out there with knowledge in this area? I'm certainly not looking for a full solution or anything, but if you know of useful information sites/books etc, that would be wonderful !