Server update ea3 to ea4 causes problem with multisite

Hello WPMUdev team

I need the help of one of your multisite and server specialists. If somebody can look into my configuration, i would be very thankful.

The problem:

After updating my EasyApache3 to Easyapache4 my multisite is not working correctly anymore. I can create new sites, and receive a success message, but they are not working. I grant you access, so you can see what I mean and make your own test site. The problem is the same in php7 and php5.6. before the update everything worked well.

I also have created a new cpanel account and made a fresh wp-multisite installation. But I have the same problem.

I have contacted cPanel Support with no great success. I was in the community, but no answer right now.

I think a tiny peace is missing in my whm/cpanel configuration. I hope somebody can help me to solve this problem.

Thank you very much.