Service provider isn't mandatory?

Ok, so I've installed Appointments+ I have it up and running on my site but for some reason people are able to book appointments without any service provider selected which is a problem because my "service providers" are actually multiple locations. The different locations have different working hours so sometimes people book an appointment for a day thats not available because they skip over that field.

How do I set service providers as a mandatory item to select before they select an appointment day/time?

  • Vaughan

    Hi @daniel,

    You can use the following shortcode in place of [app_providers]


    Creates a dropdown menu of available provider locations which will be converted to a provider list once a location has been chosen.

    Text above the select menu. Default: "Please select a provider location"
    Example: [app_required_provider_locations ... select="Please select a provider location:"]
    Button text to show the results for the selected. Default: "Show available providers"
    Example: [app_required_provider_locations ... show="Show available providers"]
    If set as 1, Show button will not be displayed and page will be automatically refreshed as client changes selection. Note: Client cannot browse through the selections and thus check descriptions on the fly (without the page is refreshed). Default: "0" (disabled)
    Example: [app_required_provider_locations ... autorefresh="1"]
    Sort order, by service providers. Possible values: ID, name. Optionally DESC (descending) can be used, e.g. "name DESC" will reverse the order. Default: "ID"
    Example: [app_required_provider_locations ... order_by="ID"]

    Which will force them to choose a location first, then the list turns into a provider list once selected.

    Hope this helps

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