service provider list not updating when service is selected

Just installed appointments+ on the "make an appointment page".

I've added the list of services and assigned service providers to each. No problems so far.

However, when I select a service drop-down, the service provider list doesn't update. It continues to show the previous selection.

Here's a walk through. The client arrives on the page and it shows "osteopathy" as a service and rightly displays the list of osteopath service providers.

However, when they select "physiotherapy" as a service, the service provider list doesn't update. It still shows osteopath providers.

Now, if they go on to book an appointment, they'll be allowed to book a physio appointment with an osteopath, which is completely wrong.

What should happen is whenever a service is selected, the service provider for that service should be shown. That isn't happening.

At the moment, the plugin is simply not suitable as it doesn't work.

The only workaround - which is illogical and makes no sense - is to click "show available appointments" and then the provider list updates. But no client would know they had to do that!

  • Hakan


    I think you already gave the answer yourself:

    The only workaround - which is illogical and makes no sense - is to click "show available appointments" and then the provider list updates. But no client would know they had to do that!

    I don't agree that it is illogical to ask the client to complete a selection, but I agree that in some cases one step can be reduced there.

    But please note that client cannot browse through the service selections and see their descriptions without refreshing the page. Did you think about that? This applies to service providers too.

    I mark this as a feature request.


  • Neil Robinson

    With respect - that's a flippant, unprofessional and unworthy response. The service provider list should update its meant to be a list of service providers for a service. As simple as that.

    This isn't asking a client to complete a normal operation. Its asking them to do something that has no relationship to what should happen automatically.

    Clients won't know how to do this - I only found it by accident.

    Appointments+ was supposed to be 6 months in development - and no one spotted this?

    Its a fundamental operation error. I'm not impressed at all. Its a major error of UX design. One more for the trash can until its fixed.

    Coding - and responses like this do damage to the great work of other WP developers. You should be embarrassed to respond in this way.

  • Hakan


    With all due respect, this is indeed a very professional and realistic answer.

    We are well aware that we cannot cover 100% of the cases here and in the market. And we don't sell anything other than we advertised.

    There are literally tens of thousands of WP themes and applications on the web. Neither we can guarantee that this plugin will certainly work perfect on every one of them, neither we can say that we can satisfy all your requests. But what we do offer is a 100% money back guarantee.

    Appointments+ was supposed to be 6 months in development - and no one spotted this?

    I have already said that I agree in *some cases* one step can be reduced, but this will cost on browsing/display of description pages on the fly.

    This had been already spotted as you mentioned above and we, internally, decided that we should proceed as we presented now, but providing necessary tools to let the client to customize the plugin as he wishes.

    In the future we may present this as another dropdown menu solution, but it will still have some compromises. This is why I noted this as a feature request, but not simply marked it as "resolved" and sent it to the dark pages of the forum.

    Its a fundamental operation error. I'm not impressed at all.

    I respect your opinion, but I don't agree at all. You are just seeing this plugin for a few days, maybe for hours. Hundreds of people worked and tested this for months.

    So do you want to hear a customized solution for your case, or do we continue debating on an endless question like "what is the right solution to satisfy everyone?"

    With all due respect,

  • Neil Robinson

    You're missing my point. Clients just want to book an appointment. Simple.

    We let the client choose a service, then a provider. Once they've done that, they book an appointment. It really is that simple.

    How it works now is:

    They choose a service from the list. But the service provider list bears absolutely no relation to the service selected - and then worse still, they can actually go and book and even be charged for - a service for which there may be no provider!

    Of all the amazingly clever things that WordPress and the real open source community does - you guys do something so bad if I wasn't paying for it, would be a joke. I didn't even get a chance to try it first. A rip-off.

    If you think that's how to run a business, there really is nothing else to say.

  • Hakan


    I do understand your point. You don't understand that I understood you :slight_smile:

    I have already wrote that what you are requesting may be in our future releases as standard and I have already told you that I can help you for your case.

    So I am not sure what you are asking for.

    Do you want your preference to be as standard?

    I visited your website. You don't have any description for services, but you do have for the providers.

    So you say "Service descriptions are not necessary but service providers are". But why? Why not the other way around?

    Why do you say that we need to to take your business (managing masseurs) as a model?

    Your business may not be requiring service details, but this is not the general case.

    There are several other applications where names are not important but service descriptions are.

    For example, how can a parent select a lesson if he/she does not know the detail of the class? Before selecting the teacher, syllabus is important there.

    Sorry, but we cannot match our plugin to your case.

    But we can offer you solutions to let you adapt it to your case.

    This is what we can provide, and I think that is fair enough.

  • Neil Robinson

    Sorry, Hakan. there is some confusion here!

    I am building this site for a client of mine. Its still very new. Not all the content is in place yet.

    I have not said that service descriptions are not necessary. They have not been given to me by my client yet.

    I have disabled the service descriptions until I get the page descriptions written. Then I will turn them back on.

    I completely agree that service descriptions and service provider details are important. I am pleased your plugin features that.

    That is not an issue - there is no problem there.

    What I reported to you is that the service provider list is not changing when another service is selected. Service Provider list "A" remains when service "B" is selected, when they should show service provider list "B". Services and the appropriate list of service providers should match.

    What the plugin should show is the correct provider for whatever service is selected. I have set them all up in the plugin's settings.

    What happens now is a bug - not a feature. I am asking to have that bug fixed, not some new feature added.

    Please understand it is simply the failure of the service provider list to follow the service list that I have a problem with - because it does not work!

    My client cannot allow her customers to book an appointment with someone who does not provide that service. No business can allow that to happen!

    If you can fix this bug, that's great, not a promise to fix in the next release is empty. Everyone says that!

    If you are still unclear about what I see as a bug, please show this to someone else and ask them if what I am saying is reasonable.

  • allmyhoney

    I think my issue is similar, I need to simply make sure a user cannot book a service or service provider without selecting both? Any ideas on this? My setup is here: If you choose a service provider first and then choose a new time slot which is a service the service provider gets reset to NO PREFERENCE and then the user continues and well I am stuffed then as they did not select a service provider.

    So any work arounds for this? Basically I need to tie one to the other and make sure one cannot book without at least choosing something from both service and service providers. Any help much appreciated.

  • pxwm


    There is a way you can certainly ensure they select a service provider but could you first of all confirm:-

    1. Do you have more than one service provider?
    2. Do you want your client/customer to always select a specific service provider?
    3. Is each Service assigned to at least two service providers?

    If you could reply and then I'll provide some ideas how you can achieve this.


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