Service Provider Scheduling and Locations not Showing Up

On my Appointments page, I have the option to Select a Provider and Select a Time to schedule a workout. I added the shortcode for locations [app_provider_locations autorefresh="1"] but the locations are not showing. I have several locations set up under the Locations tab.

Also, I have a custom user role of Trainer, and I need the Trainer to be able to add their own schedules to their Wordpress Profile. I noticed the feature wasn't showing up on my test Trainer profile. I set myself (Admin) up as a Service Provider then looked at my Profile and I did see the option to set my schedule. I tried switching the Trainer to an Admin thinking there must be some permission that doesn't allow them to see the Scheduling, but switching the Trainer to Admin didn't work. I tried logging out and logging back in and clearing the cache. I really need the Trainer role to be able to edit their Profile, but not see any of the other Wordpress menu options.

I spent time researching my issues online but could not find anything related.