Service Providers appointments showing up in wrong place.

Hi There,

I have been having some issues with my calendars and bookings. The other day, I lost all my bookings on a service providers calendar and I have had to re-enter appointments into one service providers calendar, provider A. They are showing up there but they are also showing up in another service providers, Provider B.

I have checked my code and it all seems to be right, I have checked the appointments and they are all saying that they are booked in under provider A, but on the front end they are showing up as well on provider B.

Anything you can do to help, my client is going crazy!

  • Ash
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    Hello @deirdre_casey

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    Would you please share us a link of your booking page, the provider name etc? About the calendar, do you mean google calendar?

    <blokquote>I have checked my code and it all seems to be right,</blokquote>

    Did you use any custom code? Where and what are the codes?

    If you please explain a little more, would be helpful for us to troubleshoot.



  • deirdre_casey
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    Hi Ash,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    I have passwords on my booking page, is there another way I can share that information?

    The way I have my appointment app set up, is that I have many different service providers, each service provider has there own page with their own booking calendar(not google calendars) on it where clients can log into that page with a password and book that specific provider all from the frontend.

    I have shortcode in all the pages that link each service providers booking calendar to that page.

    So each page has shortcode like this

    “[app_monthly_schedule title=”

    Unum’s schedule for START

    ” worker=”17″]

    [app_pagination step=”1″ month=”1″]

    [app_confirmation confirm_text: warning_text:]”

    Each page is the same code except for the workers ID number changes.

    Now this morning after updating the app, bookings that have been made in one service providers booking calendar are showing up in a few others. I have checked the code and all the IDs are different. All the workers hours and dates are correct and I have no idea, why bookings are showing up all across all service providers.

    I have also lost bookings from a service providers calender as well.

    Thanks in advance

  • Ash
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    Hello @deirdre_casey

    Please enable support access from WPMU DEV > Support so that I can take a look.

    All the workers hours and dates are correct and I have no idea, why bookings are showing up all across all service providers.

    Also, please share me some links in where I can see this issue. This will help us to troubleshoot quickly.



  • Ash
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    Hello @deirdre_casey

    I have checked November 27, 2014

    The link you sent, in there the calendar is for D (Zest at Work). According to his working hours, he starts from 9.30 am so, the slot 9.00 and 9.15 am is blocked.

    And then, the slots 3.30pm and 3.45pm was not available. That was the problem, right? Well D provides Pay By Cash. That slot was booked for Riot. Riot provides the same service – Pay By Cash. In Settings > Services you have set capacity 1 for Pay By Cash service. As the capacity is set to 1 and 1 booking is already made for same service, so there is no space for another booking. That’s why those slots are blocked. Once you increase the capacity the block will be available again :slight_smile:

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have.



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