Service providers with multiple location

Hi, I just installed appointment+ as i saw it was multiple location but I see that you can only bind service providers to one location.

What we have is 2 locations and doctors go some days to one locations and other days to the other location (Lets say mon, wed, fri to one and tue and thu, to the other). Is that posible?

I have only see that option in birchpress where you can tell the working hours for each service provider in any of the locations, so clients select doctor and location and can see the available days for that doctor in that location.


  • Bojan Radonic
    • Head of Support

    Hey there @javier18,

    How are you doing today?

    Binding multiple locations to either services or providers is not possible in the current version of the plugin.

    The only way that I can think of at the moment would be to actually create multiple providers, 2 for each location and have them each have separate working hours (mon, wed, fri for one and tue and thu for other) and use translation files to change the wording from selecting provider to selecting location/provider for example.

    So with this you’d actually create 2 services and in case that you have 2 doctors for example you’d need to create 4 doctors and naming them with their location ( location 1 / doctor 1 and location 1 / doctor 2).

    By doing this you can allow your users to select Service and then select location with selected doctor in the second dropdown.

    Could something like this work for you?

    Best regards,


  • Basilisko
    • New Recruit

    It is a solution but in that case each doctor will have to handle with 2 calendars wich can be a little confusing. I´ll do a test to see how it would work.

    Think about that option for future updates. I think this is the only feature that difference birch press from others as the rest of your plugin is a lot better.

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