Services image don't go to media manager

When I upload an image in the services part of theme options, it doesn’t show up in media manager, so I can’t edit it’s attributes. Can you modify the theme so that media manager is used for these fields? In fact, for all fields where an image is uploaded, logo, header, sections etc.

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello there!

    it doesn’t show up in media manager, so I can’t edit it’s attributes

    It should allow you to upload then crop the image. What else could you need to edit.

    The theme service fields don’t support all the display options, it’s just a thumbnail so you shouldn’t need more than to crop.

    Can you share an example of what you are looking to do? We can check with the designer to see if it’s doable :slight_smile:



  • retos
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Yes, my need is to be able to add metadata to images. Alt texts, descriptions, without having to touch the theme. In the media manager I can edit all these data for each image leaving the theme untouched. It’s preferrable, because if I must edit the theme I have two options, both of them bad. On the one side, if I edit the base theme, updating it deletes the modifications. But if I create a child theme, it causes a decrement of efficiency (the child theme then goes to call the paren theme) and in any case, depending on which changes are applied to the parent theme, sometimes the child theme needs to be modified anyway. So, being able to edit metadata from within wordpress using the media manager is the best solution.

  • retos
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi, excuses for the delay, I was busy the last two days.

    Using a child theme is of course an option, but then everytime I want to edit the strings, I must edit the theme. And when new versions of the theme come, modifications in the parent theme can make break the child theme. If we have the media manager that can handle it in a standard manner, why not use it. Or at least, the theme could offer text fields for this data: alt and title for all images. But again, why not using something that comes standard with wordpress and works so well?

    In addition, I plan for a multilingual site and I need to be able to translate the string to each language. If I hardcode it into the theme I don’t think it will be too easy, or even possible. If I can edit the strings from within wordpress, translations are then easier to manage. For example, keywords in alt should change from one language to the other, and I can’t hardcode this in the theme languagewise.

  • EnzoMDD
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus


    I agree that using the media manager would be ideal, but we have to maintain backwards compatibility.

    Currently the alt attribute is the same as the ‘Service headline’, so you are just missing the titles.

    Do you want the titles to be identical to the alt attributes, or do you have a need for unique title tags (shown on mouse hover)?

  • retos
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Isn’t there any possibility of letting users use the media manager or keep using the old way? This way backwards compatibility would be covered but also a more proper standard wordpress integration would be accomplished.

    I already noticed the alt texts are the same as the Service Headline. Text in alt tags are an important part of SEO for placing keywords but I don’t want keywords to show in the headline, or at least, I want to be able to decide when.

    So, about alt texts, they should be editable independently of service headline texts. And titles, if it is possible, better to be able to edit them independently too.

    But I insist, the best is to use the media manager.

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