Services without Service Providers

I downloaded your plugin and started to play around with it. Basically what I am trying to do is have the ability to book meeting rooms. I have set up Services for all my meeting rooms. The issue I have is I don't want a service provider and when I don't include any, all the services share the same calendar.

Is there any way I can use this plug in to achieve what I am trying to accomplish?

  • pxwm

    Hi @Patrick

    If you want to consider using A+ in the interim and I've understood your requirements correctly then you can 'force' a single service provider to be used.

    To achieve this:-

    Create an appointment page by going to A+ 'General' tab.
    Then create one single service provider and note the ID (for this example lets say the ID = 2
    Then create all your services and assign them to the single service provider
    Then go to the Wordpress Pages and select the appointment page which will contain a number of default shortcodes.
    Then remove the shortcode [app_service_providers]. This will remove the service provider dropdown field
    Assuming you created a monthly appointment page then amend the shortcode [app_monthly_schedule] to [app_monthly_schedule worker="2"]

    This will force the appointment calendar to show the services for the single service provider with all the available services (rooms)

    Hope this helps

    Remove the shortcode

  • PC

    Hello Patrick,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    While Appointments+ is not the ideal solution of your issue, but as Steve suggested, it should work as a temporary solution.

    The only issue with this temp solution is I can't have multiple services (rooms) booked at the same time. Unless I am missing something here.

    That will require MarketPress integration where people can add multiple appointments to their cart and then checkout at once. That ways you will also be able to utilize all the MarketPress gateways.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

  • pxwm

    Hi @Patrick

    Additional to PCs reply the only way you could achieve this is to use a single appointment calendar and then create a number of 'dummy' service provider for each room and then you allocate all the 'dummy' service providers to the one 'real' service provider.

    Unfortunately this way you would have to include the service provider dropdown menu.

    However with this solution you could consider creating a page (say booking-services) that includes all your services with a booking button next to each service and clicking the button it would automatically populate the service and service provider dropdown and navigate you to the appointment page and show the calendar schedule.

    To confirm we used a small php script that we inserted at the bottom of the functions.php (part of the theme files). This creates a shortcode called [book_now] which you can use in any page. You can insert this code using Wordpress editor

    The original script can be found at:

    To confirm we have modified this code in our implementation so it 'hides' the buttons if you are logged in and if you want to do the same/similar we can provide the code.

    If you would like some assistance implementing please let me know.

    The code automatically creates the button(s) when you insert the service shortcode in the service page.

    e.g. If you wanted multiple services (rooms) per page then you would add the shortcode [book_now service_id="this would contain the id of the service"] for each service in the page and the code would automatically generate a button for each service provider assigned to the service.

    Clicking on the button would then navigate you to the appointment page auto selecting the service and service provider and thus displaying that service providers calendar.

    Please Note: If you didn't want the service provider dropdown to be visible on the appointment page then remove the shortcode [app_service_providers] but would suggest you will need some instructions for the user to explain how they could book another appointment and this would be via the booking-services page.

    With this method you could also have multiple services on a single page.

    An example for consideration
    Create 10 services: room1, room2 etc
    Create 1 x 'real' service provider and say assign to service1
    Then create 9 x 'dummy' service providers and assign each one to their own service (service 2 - 9)
    Then allocate all 9 'dummy' service providers to the one 'real' service provider

    Please note: With this setup each room can only be booked by one person for any specific date and time

    Then create the booking-services page and add the content and shortcode as described above
    Then add the php script as per the linked post

    Hope this helps

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