Set Administrator in "Pause"-Modus

I want to built a website for a customer that needs full control without an admin that could look as his private content, so I would have to give him either a new administrator-level so he feels save (but he isn`t and I don´t want to tell him lies, even he can see the "superadmin" in admin-user-setup) or to give him my password which he could change but then he has full access to WPMU-Dashboard and other licences with connection to logged-in pages at the several links to the pro-tools.
My idea now is to "pause" the administrator by an sub-admin, so I can´t login and if support is neccessary i can do that (maybe inhouse) by switching it "on" again.
Would that be possible and with which plugin ?
Thanks for your ideas

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Richard,

    Are we considering Single or Multisite WordPress installation? I don't think it is possible to block super admin in multisite, but for the single installation you would consider giving your client admin role and remove for him access to plugins using this plugin - then he should be able to change your role to subscriber and if help needed to the admin.
    The WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin is by default visible only for admin that installed it.

    Kind regards,

  • Richard Plaza
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi Kasia,
    Thanks for fast reply.
    I still use User Role Editor even as PRO version but it would not allow to hide admin on single site install so other users can see him in admin area. Next problem would be, that Wordpress is so popular, that a "subadmin" simply knows when some rights are missing and then he is shure, that there is still a "superadmin" in background.
    With URE it´s possible to hide lot of settings to customer so for correct changes my work is needed and faults are avoided, that´s the right intention, but still not resolving my problem.

    I was searching meanwhile and I think I found a plugin that´s what i need:
    Account-Lock-Pro by Dennis Hoppe:
    which allows a user with capability edit_user to set user to "closed account" and reopen if wanted, so he can´t login anymore still it´s reactivated.
    Because of renewing licenses every year it´s mandatory to get access regularly even once a year and then make updates etc.
    WPMU DEV allows to manage licence via own dashboard on your site so that´s easy, others would be stopped when times run out so customers need to pay their subscription or run out of service automatically.
    I will try out this one and if wanted I can report here.

    btw I think it´s an excellent way to block users without deleting them!

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