Set Calendar display to use full width template

Since the Event+ plugin creates its own page, and its own full-width calendar when I select that option under appearances, I am wondering how I modify the page to use the full-width template of my theme?

Right now I get the graphic for the column separations displaying. A bit distracting.


  • Mason

    Hiya Rick,

    We did everything we can to provide the most options easily within the plugin, but sometimes there's no way to get it the way you want it except to put a custom file together.

    Best way to do this would be to take a look at the included file and modify it to match your theme's full width template.

    You'll find it under events-and-bookings/default-templates/calendar/archive-incsub_event.php

    Copy this file to your theme's root folder and open up your theme's full-width template. You'll need to copy the relevant portions from your theme's file into the new copy of archive-incsub-event.

    Once this is completed you should be able to turn off the override sections in the plugin settings and use your new custom file.

    Hope this helps!

  • Mason

    ahhh, that's a great question.

    It's really tricky with frameworks that use an alternative theming template structure :disappointed: We run into the same problem with other plugins that need to print content on pages such as MarketPress, Q&A, Wiki, and many others.

    Would love to talk to Genesis about a strategy to see these things work a little better for everyone. I found a tutorial on creating custom page templates here:

    Might be worth a shot! Let us know how it goes for ya. Thanks.

  • aecnu

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