Set default location in Appointment+

Hi there,

Firstly I just want to say that appointment+ is really an awesome plugin! It's really easy to use and implement.

I am creating a website for a hair salon. They have 2 location, A and B. The stylists stick to their respective location, so we do not have to worry about stylist moving to different location.

This is what I have setup:
I bound each service provider to their respective location using the locations and worker locations addon.

Then in the page, here's what I did (You can see my screenshot):
[app_provider_locations autorefresh="1"]
[app_services autorefresh="1"]
[app_service_providers show="Confirm"]

Here's my question:
When the page loads, as you can see from the screenshot, the location is set to "Ang Mo Kio" by default. So if I am a customer and I wanted that location, I move on to step 2. And finally step 3 when I'll have to select my service provider. Here's the problem, because I didn't choose the location in step 1, it will show all service provider from both location.

Is there a way to:
1. Set default value to something like "Select Location" so it forces the customer to select a location.
2. When the page loads, the service provider syncs with the location.

Thank you!

Best regards,