Set renewal dates to same date for all members

My client site uses Membership Pro 2 and the client has requested a few things that I need help figuring out...

1) Change all renewal dates to default to December 31
With with the way I've set up the membership, when people sign up, their renewal date is a year from their signup date. I've currently set it up in recurring payments (once per year). But I noticed that there is an option for 'one payment for date range access' where I could set the beginning and end date of the membership. Would it make more sense to set it up with that option instead of using recurring payments so that every time someone signs up, they will always have to renew at the end of the calendar year instead of a year from their signup date?

2) Turn off Auto-Renewal
This may go hand in hand with the last question. If I change to the 'one payment for date range access' will people still receive emails with bills for the next year? Or would they have to re-signup every year?


  • Michael Bissett
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    Hey @Tom Powell, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    #1: With the date range access, you'd need to set up another membership to sign up for, once that one's finished, seeing as it's only going to be available to users for a limited time.

    May I ask why the client's wanting users to have to renew on the 31st of December? If it's for the sake of reminders, a reminder email can be sent if the "Additional Automated Responses" add-on were enabled from:

    Membership 2 -> Add-ons

    And the "Payment - Before due Message" email was enabled from inside of:

    Membership 2 -> Settings -> Automated Email Responses

    #2: Whether a membership is auto-renewed would depend on the gateway presently in use, in your case, you'd be looking to use the "PayPal Single Gateway" (I see you've got the "PayPal Standard Gateway" enabled right now).

    That way, instead of it auto-renewing, a user would need to renew from his Account page.

    Kind Regards,

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