set up


I'm setting up a WP site for charity and am on the verge of finishing, but would really appreciate it if you could tell me whether I've set things up appropriately.

Basically the charity collects donations and invites child sponsorships. So I have two basic campaigns which run all the time.

1) General donations - I've set this up as a fundraiser and enabled one-off payments.
2) A child sponsorship appeal - I've set this up as a fundraiser and allowed recurring payments.

I'm not displaying the root fundraising page or the fundraiser pages as they appear like blog posts with a date and my appeals aren't date specific. So I've just made a page for each and was intending to add a shortcode. But I've come across two problems:

1) How can I stop the amount raised so far and number of backers from displaying?
2) When I add just a button and fill in the description in the shortcode generator, no description appears on the page.

The site is currently behind a coming soon plugin, but if you want I could send you a username/password.

Many thanks in advance,