Set-up an array of Multisites

I'm trying to figure out how to have a multisite within a subdirectory while it redirects to the root domain

ex: au********cal (where it's installed) looking like au****

The reason why it's not in the root - I want to have multiple multi-site installs within several subdirectories

when I tried to have the multisite in the root directory, and then another multi-site within a subdirectory - the result was the root multisite treating the new multisite-install as one of it's site's rather than a separate install

Desired result: multiple subdirectories each having their own multi-site array.

with one of them redirecting to the root domain rather than a subdirectory in the url

wouldn't be a problem if I installed the multisite in the root public_html, but I can't have additional multi-site installs within subdirectories without conflicts it seems

Please suggest