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Hi Alex,

Just continuing on with our conversation as i have joined for one month.

I have done as you said before, but it now comes up with “User registration is currently not allowed.” on my register page.



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Alex Rohmann replied

Hey Jacinta,

We can’t provide support over email, but once you’re signed up with an account we can help you with our several support options. Just some quick advice that might help you get back on track.

1. Create an access level that can see the free / visitor level content

2. Assign that to the stranger setting on the membership options page.

That should get you going again! For further support related issues, you can signup for a membership here: and we can get everything sorted for you in the support forums.

Thanks again for your interest in WPMU DEV.

Best regards,

Alex Rohmann

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Mar 19 9:37am

Jacinta Thomas replied

Hi Alex,

I just going through now and testing your membership lite before i commit to your full membership and clasifieds. I have already set up my buddypress. Just a question, I’m trying to set up the user settings and want visitors who are know as strangers to access the general home pages etc but not membership pages, in the user membership levels it say’s…..

A “stranger” is a visitor to your website who is either not logged in, or does not have an active membership or subscription to your website.

Use membership level

If the above is set to “None” then you can pick the page you want strangers directed to below under the “Protected content page” heading.

Now the membership level i have set up is just the one member’s area to get access to everything like chat, classifieds, forum etc but if i set it on my membership level i set up members have to sign up which is what i want, but if i set it on none it it shows my pages up blank, i still want people to be able to view my front page post, contact page, about us etc before they join but they are all showing up blank. Then i set up a visitor membership and allowed access to all pages besides the membership area but when i set it on this all my pages are blank as well.

Please help, i have had to temporary disable the plugin so people can still view my site.