Set up wizard for Membership not available

I am using the Quickstart guide for the premium Membership plugin but can’t seem to locate the ‘walkthrough wizard’. I’ve downloaded this and on page 6/7 it shows the wizard which looks fantastic (and just what I need) however I can’t find it anywhere; nor the option to choose standard membership/dripped or advanced. (I’m thinking maybe the developer who installed the plugin skipped to ‘advanced’ maybe?

On page 9 of the manual you (phew) thankfully show how to reinstate the wizard. However, my options tab doesn’t look like the one in the manual. There is no ‘EXTRAS’ tab so I can’t select to Show Wizard again like you suggest.

On my Membership Dashboard it just has the bit on the left hand side which, once activated at the end of the set up will show the members etc, and on the right hand side is the Quick Set Up Guide.BUT NO SET UP WIZARD. Has this been replaced by the Quick Setup Guide?

I will happily give you access to my dashboard if it helps you answer this question? My dashboard shows: Membership, Quick Start, Edit Members, Edit Levels, Edit Subscriptions, Edit Gateways, Edit URL Groups, Edit Pings, Edit Options, Repair Membership.

I’d really like to use the Wizard.

Please advise.

In other news – the overall wpmudev dashboard said it required an update. So I clicked on update and it failed and now its disappeared from the left hand menu. I guess I need to download it again?