Setting Additional Service Hours

I am trying to update the appointment scheduling page on a website to include a few extra hours on one day that the service provider doesn't normally work.

EX: She works all Tuesdays 6-9, on the 11th she will work from 1-9.

I tried creating a dummy provider and then setting the dummy provider hours to the additional hours I needed.

The problem is, I haven't included the option to select a service provider on the appointment scheduling page, because there is only one service provider. It would be confusing to clients to have to select a provider.

The additional hours aren't showing on the overall calendar. When I change the website to select a service provider, the day with the hours I need will show up when the dummy provider is selected.

Is there a way to get the schedules to all merge, so I don't have to have a service provider selected, and so that one Tuesday will be updated?

Please let me know what I can do, thank you!