Setting Membership Cost & PayPal Express

Have the Membership plugin set up on a WordPress site with BuddyPress activated (no multisite).

WordPress version 3.1.4

BuddyPress version 1.28

Membership Plugin version 2.1 beta (Barry actually upgraded us to this one last week)

Everything appears to be working ok….except PayPal.

We have PayPal Express – Single Payment activated as the payment gateway. I deactivated all of the other gateway plugins that come with Membership.

We've set up the levels, we have 4 different levels. Each on has a price point of $55.00 USD (screenshot attached).

All of this works correctly – – the registration page has the PayPal buttons. However, when I click the PayPal buttons and am taken to the PayPal site to register my payment, the price point is listed as $.55 (55 cents) not $55.00 (55 dollars).

I don't have anything funky in the membership-config.php file at all:

// Determines the number of posts to show in the posts rule

if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_POST_COUNT':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_POST_COUNT', 25);

// Determines the number of pages to show in the pages rule

if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_PAGE_COUNT':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_PAGE_COUNT', 25);

// Determines the maximum charge listed in the charges drop down

if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_MAX_CHARGE':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_MAX_CHARGE', 300);

// Allow comments to be shown in the negative comments rule

if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_VIEW_COMMENTS':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_VIEW_COMMENTS', false);

// Use a global table system – experimental

if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_GLOBAL_TABLES', true);


if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_MASTER_ADMIN':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_MASTER_ADMIN', 'admin':wink:;


if(!defined('MEMBERSHIP_VERSION_KEY':wink:) define( 'MEMBERSHIP_VERSION_KEY', 'yes':wink:;


Any ideas? (have attached screenshot of the UI from the level set at 55.00 USD)