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I’ve just installed this plugin defined some templates, at this point I would like to activate a template for a given blog (already existing), is this possible? Or can I define a template association only upon initial blog creation? Thanks for details. Regards,


  • Mark Wallace
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    Any blog can be used as a template, but only Newly created blogs can be “created” from that template.

    Blogs that have already been created cannot be changed with the NBT, but, you may be able to delete and recreate the blog using the NBT.

    I have worked with NBT many times and have some custom code/plugins i use just for NBT creation. If you give some details about what you are wanting to do, i might be able to help you!

    Please Advise!

  • Mark Wallace
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    What about WPML? Does it work with NBT? Thanks

    I will not be trying that until after August of this year, so i would love to here back from you if it works.

    All you have to do is create a “Blog Template” then create a few test sites to see what works. If something does not work, just post a feature request. That particular developer is pretty quick about updating his plugins, but sometimes he will wait for other plugin updates to be completed and combined feature request in his plugin as he updates for the others, then it takes a little longer.

    So give it go and share the information.


    Be Blessed!

  • Kimberly
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    Seems you are taken care of here!

    Our resident expert :wink:

    One note, please don’t make your main site a template, as it can cause issues.

    NBT is not coded to work specifically with WPML so you’d likely have to do some customizing.



  • ivo.marino
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    OK fine. One more question: When I start using a template and in this template I defined a gallery or similar and I change the gallery items in the template later will this changes be reflected to blogs which actually are already using this template? Hope this sounds clear enough to be understood:wink:

  • Mark Wallace
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    No changes will be transferred to a blog that has already been created. It will only effect blogs as they are created.

    This is why Kimberly “Hi @kimberly Lipari ” stated not to use the main blog as a template.

    On one site i have multiple templates because i regularly set up about 5 different types of blog/sites on that network. What do is name the template to match the blog type and add NBT to the name and URL


    Air Force NBT <<Site Title <<< site URL

    Then every site created for the Army uses that template, i only change that template if i want every site/blog created from it to be different from what i already have, but it does not change the site i have already created.

    I do the same with Army NBT, Coast Guard NBT, Marine NBT, and Navy NBT


    1. I never change these template unless i want to change the way new blogs/sites are created.

    2. Any changes i make to the New Blog Template does not change any blog/site that has already been created, so changes on current blogs/sites would have to be done manually.

    You could look into various plugin and custom code to share information across multiple sites that are “already” created.

    I hope this makes since, if not just ask and i will try to clarify.


    Be Blessed!

  • Mark Wallace
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    There are many ways to this. Mostly depending on what the content is and how it was placed on the original site.

    Just to make threads “Topic Consistent” and easier for people to find, Would you start a new thread with this question, and post the URL back here so i can find it?

    Include as much detail about what you are wanting to share from site to site, and any CPT you maybe using.

    I am stepping out for a few hours, but will check when i return!

    Thanks ivo.marino, It was nice meeting you!

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