Setting up a multisite for contract users

Looking for some guidance, I want to setup a site where counselors and others who contract out to businesses but who also work on their own have a page or a small site. I'm thinking of people like hair stylists who may change salons, but are basically their own contractors. This site would be a place where they could post their own profile and if they change salons, or a counselor changes offices, they can just come here and change it. I'm new to WP multisite, but I have it setup on my site, is there any training manuals that may explain some basic things to watch out for? Is there anyone I can hire out there who would help me set this up?

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, John!

    I think, if I understand you correctly, that you may not need something as complex as multisite, but we'll talk about that option, too.

    Since the independent contractors using your site would only need a single page, you could use BuddyPress with Extended Profiles and User Blogs to allow each member to have their own, entirely editable, profile and even a place to write their own blog posts.

    If you're leaning more towards letting contractors have their own sites, then multisite is definitely the way to go. I'd consider it carefully, because being an admin for a WordPress site, even as a subsite in a multisite network, is more work than keeping a profile updated. Additionally, for you, managing a single site is less work than managing a network. If, however, you wanted to charge contractors to have their own sites, you could set that up with our Pro Sites

    Hope this helps! .

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