setting up a pop up with click on image

Hi your colleque helped me already and he said i shoudl contact you, but i have some questions..
before buying the plugin i said i have no knowledge about programming, but your colleque said its ok..
my questions (see email of colleue below)
1. where do i add the html content? in the post that will contain the pop up?

2. I will have an image (the small ones if someone clicks on it, the pop up with detaisl should appear. How do I add the link? And where do I add the link?

Could you give me step by step instructions? do this first, then this etc?
To help you get started with that feature of the plugin, here's a great explanation of CSS selectors:

Basically though, you just need to create HTML in your WordPress content that includes a CSS class or id like so for example:

That class="google-link" portion of it is a CSS selector and you can use that in the plugin like so:

That way, you could have the popup show up depending on interactions with that link.

We'd love to assist with that in more detail too. You can simply post to our support area here:

And our support team will be right along to help out . :slight_smile: