Setting up a trial for Protected Content.

I would love to set up users with an initial trial and after a set period of time, have them tranisition into a paid account. After a cursory glance, it seems that I could create two membership types: a free and a paid.

The free type would have a set duration and a fee of zero. It would also be set to flip the user over to the second account type at the end of that duration.

At that time, would the second account type just automatically start charging the user based on the fee structure you configured within your plugin? Or is there some sort of delay because it might be awaiting some sort of user approval first?

That leads me into a followup question. Is it possible to set the free account to not prompt for credit card data entry until after the free trial has expired? A quick glance seemed to indicate that you only had two options: first the option to make an account free but you have no available duration settings or really anything else you can do. Its just free forever. The second option means the user inputs their credit card info and such but the value could be set to zero.

If those are the only options, it would be very useful to have some sort of settings when you select that you do not wish to accept payment for this account type so that you can end the free account after a duration and then prompt the user to subscribe afterward, if this makes sense.