Setting Up Appointment+ for 2 Locations With Pricing


We are launching a new store and would like to us Appointment+ (AP+) for our customers to be able to book an appointment in either one of our stores, At the moment we have it set up for only one location.

My Questions

1. Can we set up two locations with different appointments e.g if a customers books an appointment for location A at 1 o'clock it will block off the 1 o'clock slot for location A but the 1 o'clock slot for location B will still be available?

2. Before our customers get to our "Book Appointment" page they go through a process where they select their Device > Model >Repair > Book Appointment. We have a hidden form that gets passed along this process that records the the users selections, Device, Model, Repair = Price

We want this form to be passed on to the appointment form, so that when the user books their appointment it states Device, Model, Repair & Price. Is this possible with AP+ or is there a feature in AP+ that can do this for us?

3. We have two different time slots available depending on the repair
- iPhone 5 Screen Repair = 30min
- iPad Screen Repair = 1 Hour

We want the appointment form to be able to take the data from the hidden form to either book off 1 hour or 30min depending on the repair, is this possible?

We have very competent programmer we use for jobs like this but we dont want him to start working on this unless we know that it is possible. : )

Many Thanks

  • Ash

    Hello @Fran

    Welcome to WPMU community!

    I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question.

    You can use the location and service location add on from Appointments > Settings > Add ons. But in your case, the perfect solution would be to create services based on location.

    For example, your locations are X and Y and service providers are A and B respectively.

    Create four services:
    1. iPhone 5 Screen Repair in X
    2. iPad Screen Repair in X
    Add service provider A for these services.
    3. iPhone 5 Screen Repair in Y
    4. iPad Screen Repair in Y
    Add service provider B for these services.

    It should work :slight_smile:

    2 & 3: This is not possible out of the box, you have to customize the plugin to achieve so. Though you can use the additional field add on. You need to activate the add on from Appointments > Settings > Add on. Then in Appointments > Settings > General you can create as many additional fields as you want That won't be calculated by default though, but you can see all submitted data in Appointments > All Appointments section.

    Hope it helps :slight_smile: Please feel free to ask more question if you have any.


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