Setting Up Appointment+ so it works properly!

First of all.. I am a complete beginner and new to this - please help!

My page is here:

I have configured everything as good as I can see (added providers, added services, locations, hours etc) I've also tried adding the shortcodes to no avail!)
see screen shot of my shortcodes

When I view the page - it does not give the user the option to:

- select between locations or providers
- strangely it also allows users to book on dates that have already passed.. e.g. a user can book an appointment on a day 2 weeks ago!

Essentially I want this app to allow me to:
- show users 2 months ahead to make bookings
- allow users to book different services: Either a "New patient appointment", "Standard Adjsutment", a "30 min Massage" or a "60 Min massage"
- allow users to select between practitioners
- allow users to select between locations
- remove the duplicate of the day listings in the calendar box e.g. it says "Sat" at the top and "Sat" at the bottom of the calendar box.. I only want one of these!

If anyone can help it would be hugely appreciated!