setting up appointments+

Are the following modifications possible:
1. To only show available time slots and hide the not available ones.
2. To hide certain services from clients. Some days a service may be suspended but I dont want to delete it from the settings.
3. To hide certain service providers from clients - just to provide a more flexible system.
If you cant do this can you provide me some guidance on how I could do this please. I am php proficient.

  • Vaughan

    hi @karenweider

    thanks for posting.

    for no.1

    try in your themes style.css

    td.notpossible, div.notpossible {
        display: none !important;
    td.notpossible, div.notpossible {
        display: none !important;

    that should hide the calendar sections.

    2 & 3. you would have to custom code the plugin, to possibly add a checkbox for each provider / service. then edit the loop in appointments.php i think to detect, if that check box is enabled/disabled then remove that id from the select box, maybe with an unset() in the foreach or something to that effect.

    hope this helps.


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