Setting up Appointments+ - I give up

Guys, I'm about to give up on this plugin and request a refund for the 3 months I've been paying. I simply cannot get this to work the way we need no matter what I try to meet our client's needs. Also, responses from your team always take days and at this point I'm weeks past the client's launch date due to this plugin being so difficult and unintuitive to setup.

None of the answers I've been given work, and the plugin is just not flexible enough to meet our needs unless I'm doing something wrong.

I need someone to tell me EXACTLY, step by step how to setup the following:

Client has two locations. I've set them up as 2 services, each with a service provider (1 provider for each location)

Location 1: (service 1 and service provider 1)
Service is 3 hours, Capacity 1, Service has 1 hour padding at end
Friday - Service is available at 4pm only
Saturday - Service is available at 12pm, 4pm, 8pm
** This one I have working fine

Location 2: (service 2 and service provider 2)
Service is 3 hours. Capacity 4, Service has 1 hour padding at end
Monday - Thursday - Service can be booked at any hour between 1pm - 8pm with a break between 5pm -6pm
Saturday - Service is locked at 12pm, 4pm, 8pm
Sunday - Service is locked at 1pm and 5pm

  • Joey

    Problem #1:

    If activate the Duration add-on, this will solve location 2/service 2's requirement of being able to book at any hour between Monday - thursday however I can't figure out how to only allow Saturday and Sunday to only be available at specific times. I tried using the break function for this but can only set 1 break per day per service provider in the admin.

    Problem #2

    If i keep the service calculus as-is, I can't get the breaks to work on location 2. I tried adding a break between 5pm and 6pm however when I check it on my page, I can still booking appointments during that break time.

    Currently my pages are private since I can't put them live yet, but I'd be more than happy to give someone admin access to help me get this working.

  • Joey

    Location 1: here
    Location 2: here

    Code for location 2:

    <td colspan=&quot;2&quot;>[app_monthly_schedule service=&quot;2&quot; title=&quot;<h3>Villiers Location Schedule for START</h3>&quot;]</td>
    <td colspan=&quot;2&quot;>[app_pagination month=&quot;1&quot;]</td>
    <td colspan=&quot;2&quot;>[app_confirmation]</td>
    <td colspan=&quot;2&quot;>[app_paypal]</td>

    As you can see in the screen, the front end isn't even displaying the correct days and times. The more I try to fix it, the worse it gets.

    I added the Duration piece in order to solve the issue of being able to book at any hour between Monday - Thursday but it's only giving me 120 increments instead of the 60 i have in. Each appointment is 180 minutes, but clients booking Mon - Thurs should be able to book at any hour.

    WIth Duration add-on activated, i should be able to use the break system to limit saturday's booking to happen only at 12pm, 4pm, 8pm but it's not respecting the breaks.

    I've got breaks turned off in the screenshot since they wouldn't work

  • PC

    Hey there Joey,

    Thanks for posting back.

    I tried using the break function for this but can only set 1 break per day per service provider in the admin.

    You can have multiple breaks during a day.

    Just change "Give a break" to yes, and select a break duration.

    Then save settings and you will see a + sign after the break and then you can add more break slots in the same way.

    Can you kindly try that please ?

    Cheers, PC

  • pxwm

    Hi @Joey

    If I've understood your requirements correctly this should be possible but it may require some bespoke code.

    However before a solution is considered could you please post the following screenshots:-

    'General' tab - just the 'Time Settings' section at the top
    'Services' tab
    'Service Providers' tab
    'Working Hours' tab for 'no specific providers' and the 2 x 'Service Providers'


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