Setting up Blog Templates and Pro Sites


So, I have this theme that come with a bunch of different theme options and designs, giving me the opportunity to have quite a few templates that I can offer my clients. Tested with one, created a New Blog Template and it looks great so far!

My questions:
1) Can a new user sign up on any blog other than the main blog of the Multisite? My company website is not the main site and would love to have people sign up from there.

2) How well does this plugin play with Pro Sites?

Here is what I would like and please tell me if it is possible and also if possible on a blog other than the main one.

1) Can I charge a setup fee (optional for the client) on signup?
2) I have multiple maintenance plans not based on any themes and plugins. There's the basic and other ones that come with us doing some of their work. Can these be part of my plans?
3) I have some SEO plans, and each one comes with different plugins. Can this be part of my plans as well?
4) Can I set all this up but keep the design of my current website? I really like the look of the pricing plans and would just like the buttons to link to the signup pages.
5) How would the clients go about changing their plans?

I'm sure all this is covered in some of your plugins, I just want to make sure that I won't hit a wall half way through and end up wasting my time trying to set something up that won't work :slight_smile:


And have a blessed 2016!