Setting up BuddyPress and Pro Sites to work together

Hello everyone and thanks for your feedback and help in advance.

I am building a beta version of a product that will include:

1) BuddPress — to create and organize social community using Boss theme from BuddyBoss
2) Pro Sites — offer premium blogs with pre-configured plugins/themes
3) Sensei or CoursePress Pro — to create a training hub

What would be the recommended way to connect these together?

a) I want to offer free access to the community along with 1 free, basic blog.
b) I then want to offer premium blogs (via Pro Sites) using a separate signup process
c) Lastly, I would like each Pro Site membership level to unlock access specific courses in Sensei or CoursePress Pro

Based on the above would you recommend I run my front end website and BuddyPress community on a separate directory from Pro Sites and Membership? Or do I create one install with both BuddyPress, Pro Sites, and whatever e-learning module I choose?