Setting up CoursePress Pro I get an error that directory already exists.

Hi, I really love what coursepress has to offer and I've become a member of wpmudev. I've got a couple of questions.
1)I'm trying to upgrade from CoursePress to CoursePress Pro but get an error citing that the directory already exists for that plugin.
2) I'm trying to access wpmu dev > support > support requests. I get a popup that says I need to upgrade my account. I'm already a paying member though.
3) I've hit a few snags trying to use videos on my site. The majority of my users will be mobile users (probably 85% iOS). The onboard video player had painfully slow load times- so I installed a plugin for a video player. That seems to have broken the sign-up form somehow. <edit> If I disable the plugin video.js then the sign-up form works. So my question is: do you know of a plugin that will speed up video playback. The .mp4 files are quite small and locally hosted. <edit end>

Could you have a look at it? I'm on a "Managed Wordpress" account and when I tried to grant you access to my site pressing the button for Support Access was greyed out with a circle with a line through it. I'm not sure that is supposed to happen or not.

Don't know what to do but would love your help :slight_smile: