Setting up DM per site basis?

If using domain mapping, do I need to setup the plugin per site basis, however, so if i have 100 subsitse, using sub directory and and 1 has mapped domain, all 100 need their own setup?

  • James Morris
    • WordPress Enthusiast

    Hello Robert

    If you are only needing to setup Domain Mapping on 1 subsite and you're wanting to leave all the others as subdirectories, you really don't need the Domain Mapping plugin. WordPress Multisite has native Domain Mapping built in, but it is more limited. Our plugin is designed for Networks where the Network Admin would like to offer the ability for member to map their own domains from their own Dashboard. In your case, you only need to setup Domain Mapping for 1 domain, so our plugin would be overkill and not really the best fit.

    You can learn more about WordPress's native Domain Mapping functionality at the following link.

    Also, to clarify.... Since our plugin is specifically designed to allow subsite admins to map their own domains, it's not possible to activate this functionality on a per-site basis. This plugin must be Network Activated. At best, you could choose to "hide" the menu item from others, but you cannot selectively deactivate the functionality.

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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