Setting up e-newsletter functionality

I'm in the process of evaluating whether to keep using Infusionsoft (IS) in favor of using WP to store all my contacts. My goal is to get the contacts into WP so I can have all the contacts in one database so I can eliminate the "multiple systems" conundrum. I'm also looking at MailChimp as a potential replacement for IS.

I like the fact that you have many plugins that could eliminate IS and perhaps other marketing plugins I currently use for email marketing (popups, sliders, etc.).

Part of my consideration for moving from IS is to be able to email my list of 27k contacts "easily" and more affordably. I've been looking at your two plugins (e-newsletter & subcribe by email) to see if either one meets my needs and I'm not sure yet which one might be better.

1) Would I be able to email blast out to 27k contacts using either one of your plugins?
2) Using the MailChimp plugin, does it eliminate the need to use your two email plugins?

Thanks for any help you can shed on my challenge.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Karl!

    First I should point out the difference between eNewsletter and Subscribe by Email. eNewsletter allows you to create groups and style custom newsletters to send. Subscribe by Email is more of posts digest, it autogenerates a list of content recently published on your site.

    Both can handle subscriber lists of 27k, the question will be whether or not your hosting server can handle it. WordPress uses PHP mail to send emails of all types, which is older and not quite as spry as more modern email management tools, so WP users will frequently use an SMTP mail solution to offload email sending. WP mail also requires a cron job to fire, which requires traffic to the front end of your site.

    Using MailChimp integration can replace eNewsletter, you can create your newletters with MailChimp's tools, instead, and have them sent to the users who've opted in on your site.

    MailChimp doesn't automatically replace Subscribe by Email, however, because it doesn't auto-generate a content list to email out. You can absolutely add this manually to your MailChimp newsletters, though.

    Hope this clears it up!

  • Karl

    Yes, that was helpful ... thanks Michelle.

    A couple more questions ...

    1) When using Subscribe by email will those subscribers also be (Subscriber) Users in WP? I installed the plugin and added a subscriber and didn't see it appear in the Users list.
    2) Also, I didn't see where I could setup an SMTP server connection with this plugin.
    3) I didn't see instructions on how to use Custom Fields (3rd tab in settings). If I create custom fields will those same fields be available for other plugins to use/see? I want to be able to create a number of custom fields for the user profile and have users/subscribers update them after they log in.

  • Sajid

    Hi Karl, hope your well today :slight_smile:

    Here are answers of your questions:

    1. No! They will be subscribers to receive the digest. But can not do any thing like normal WP users.

    2. For SMTP there is already few great plugin for WordPress that does the job perfectly and can be easily be used with any plugin of WordPress. I am myself using this awesome plugin.

    3. These are not custom field for WordPress users. These custom fields can be used if you want to collect additional information on signup. For example, if you also want to collect name of subscriber then you can create another custom field of type text. (see screenshots).

    Have a nice day :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

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