Setting up for fitness classes

Hi there

I am trying to setup a booking system for my fitness classes. How do I set up specific times for specific days - example: Mondays classes; 6:30am, 9:15am, 6pm and 7pm.

Many thanks

  • Vaughan

    Hi Richard,

    Welcome to wpmudev.

    How long are your classes for?

    As you have specific times for example 9:15am, then you will need to set your time-base in the settings to 15 mins.

    If each session is 1hr long, then create a service for 1hr.

    Then create a provider, and assign the 1hr service to him.

    Now in working hours.

    Set your working hours to start at the earliest time for each day For your provider.


    Start: 06:30 End: 20:00

    If each session is 1hr.

    Set break times for;
    07:30 - 09:15
    10:15 - 18:00

    This will all depend on how long your sessions are for, and exactly how much time between each session.

    ie. if you have a 1hr session and you have 18:00, then what happens if you don't finish at 7pm, but somebody books at both 6pm and 7pm? both these sessions are going to collide, unless you have completely seperate rooms & a second provider. so you would need preperation time in between each session?

    Hope this helps

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